We are FX Varsity Pty (Ltd),

a Forex Trading company with Trading Floors open to the Public daily, offering HIGHLY accredited Training Courses, Mentorship Programmes and a successful Lifestyle Club – featuring Forecasts and Live support.

Our headquarters are based in Cape Town, South Africa, with current operations across Johannesburg, Durban and Lagos, Nigeria.

Products and Services

Our product suite includes three core areas:

Trading Live Markets – in terms of revenue, this is the heart beat of our business, with Trading Floors in Cape Town and Johannesburg thus far…

Training Courses

9 Forex Courses, currently available to all candidates (from absolute beginners through to Advanced Intraday Traders and everybody in-between) and

2 specialist Commodities Courses available exclusively to the Banking and Financial Services Sector

Ambient / Subscription Services – these services are sold in 14 Countries and include our Newsletter, Chat rooms and Instant Messaging Services – enabling sharing and collaboration with Pro-Traders, Subscribe NOW to our Newsletter! 

For your FREE Copy of our e-Book, e-mail our Information Desk, titled FREE E-BOOK, or for more info, call us for a no-nonsense, no-obligation chat – Head Office 021 556 0997 now…

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